Hiking the Pre-Andes around Mendoza

The trip below was a short 3-4 days trip we did in September 2015 around Mendoza, Argentina. This region allows you easily to chose amongst plenty of different possibilities to plan your own trips / routes in the amazing pre-Andes environment of Argentina.

 Tour Information

  • Date: mid of September 2015 – 3 people
  • We started in Mendoza and hired a taxi to bring us out of town to the starting point of the trail: -32.86059, -68.93973
  • We used a part of a circuit trail which follows several mountain ranges close to Mendoza – the part we walked was pretty amazing so I can definitively recommend it. Further information can be found on wikiloc.com here.
  • We followed the trail anticlockwise until we descended down to the gravel road 13 close to those ruins: -32.81588, -69.00184
  • From there, follow the routa 13 towards north – you will pass a farm where you can ask for water:  -32.78947, -69.02105
  • Further up the road turn left into the the mountains – basically here: -32.7932, -69.03319
  • From here we headed south-west towards the lake close to Potrerillos: -32.95319, -69.16084
  • This is a nice area with several possibilities in terms of finding a suitable way – I used Google Maps to prepare the right track beforehand.
Map of Mendoza Trip

Map of Mendoza Trip

Difficulties & Challenges

  • We wanted to extend the trip originally but we ran out of water – this is the biggest issue you will face there. So bring plenty of it and don’t count on any real possibilities to refill.

Tour Alternatives & Ideas

  • Following the gravel road 13 starting in Mendoza and ending near Uspallata in the north would be a nice little trip with probably pretty amazing views.
  • Wikiloc.com should be considered as a great source of information that could contribute to creating your own trips in this area.
  • If you bring your packraft: Rafting the Rio Mendoza with a packraft after crossing the Andes from Santiago de Chile towards Mendoza would be a great adventure I assume – be prepared for some white-water.
High Quality Map Mendoza Area

High Quality Map Mendoza Area

Getting There & Away

  • In Potrerillos you can find a tourist information – additionally there are buses coming down from the north on the routa 7 going to Mendoza. You need to ask locals for further information / timetables.
  • Hitch-Hiking should be possible as well – however, we didn’t try it.

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