Hiking in the Jungle around Paraty

Tour Information

  • Date: extended weekend in May 2015
  • This hike can be done 4-5 days and can easily be extended with additional hikes – see Tour Alternatives & Ideas
  • We started by hiring a speed boat driver in Paraty who brought us to the starting point (see below) – but the starting point can easily be changed to start without the need of a boat
  • We slept in a tent but it was way too hot – I recommend a lightweight mosquito-dome – sleeping bag was not needed – only inlet is recommended depending on weather situation. Take care that you only camp in areas where permitted.
  • On the hike, there are plenty of nice beaches, some of them also have kiosks / restaurants where you can resupply
  • Water can be taken from some rivers on the way – filtering is recommended
  • We were wearing gaiters up to the knees most of the time although we got told that there are hardly poisonous snakes
  • There is a high probability to meet day hikers on the different trails
  • Rough Map (taken from Google Maps):
Map of Paraty Hiking Trail

Map of Paraty Hiking Trail

  • Helpful GPS waypoints:
    • Hiring a boat in Paraty (roughly 100,- USD in May 2015)
      -23.2173, -44.71365
    • Start of our trail
      -23.24834, -44.60397
    • Coconut Shop
      -23.27105, -44.58006
    • Bus Stop for getting back to Paraty
      -23.33066, -44.66126

Tour Alternatives & Ideas:

  • I’m pretty sure there are plenty of alternatives for this route around Paraty as well as on the peninsula itself. The tourist maps available in Paraty will give you an overview of possible extensions to this trip – we didn’t invest any time in this topic since our time plan was pretty strict.
  • Packrafting extensions could be done as well.

Getting There & Away:

  • We drove in 4-5 hours from Sao Paolo to Paraty by car
  • There are also buses from Sao Paolo to Paraty of you can fly to Rio de Janeiro and head south.

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